The shirt, as we know it today, was defined in the late 19th century. However, this garment has a long history, dating back to late Roman times, when it was considered as a linen or sea-silk robe (camisas) to be worn as a kind of underwear. Over the centuries, it has evolved in fascinating ways and, in the early years of the 1600, it became a symbol of prestige. By that time, the shirt used to be decorated with embroidery, puffs and brocades and it served as a support for the first ties. Until the end of the 19th century, cuffs and collar were strictly hard and starched; moreover, they were separated from the shirt.

With the industrialization of tailoring processes, the shirt has undergone a transformational change which, even today, identify and consecrated it as a must-have garment in every man’s wardrobe: a shirt with a front button fastening, collar (of various shapes) and cuffs (of various shapes too).

Nowadays, the shirt determines a men’s clothing style and it has become such a flexible garment that may be worn at any time or in any activity. Dress, casual, formal are just some of the adjectives which can be used to extend its use, even if the core elements are always the same: collar, cuff, placket, eyelet, buttons, pinces and possible pockets.

Our collection offers different types of collars:

  1. Italian collar
  2. Naples collar
  3. French collar
  4. Semi-french collar
  5. Button down collar
  6. Korean collar
  7. Fashion collar